Artwork and Print Specifications

At Yaxin, we make it easy to prepare your artwork and go to press. Below are the artwork and print specifications necessary to produce your design in the highest quality. We ensure crisp, clear, clean, high resolution print quality. 

Artwork & Print Specifications Process: Rotogravure- 10 colors or 9 color + registered matte


Minimum 80% UPC in press direction (100% recommended)
Minimum 80% UPC across press direction
Minimum type size is 6pt reverse, outline if reversed out of multiple colors. (4 point Positive type)
Line thickness minimum is 0.13mm positive. 0.35mm reverse
Avoid printing in the seal areas
3% minimum dot, 96% maximum dot
DMAX 300%
Gradients must have a minimum dot of 7% in all colors
Trapping 0.1mm – 0.2mm, color dependent
Bleeds 6mm
icc profile BC_130_OPP_IN_TEST_20200629_V_SM 360 K97 U5-5

Computer Software (Mac/Win) AiCC preferred, Please note: Submitted final artwork should be set up in Illustrator (outlined). All Photoshop images must be linked into Illustrator and not embedded. Fonts must be included.

Placed Photoshop artwork – Photoshop images need to be supplied in high resolution and in its final layered PSD format for proper separation. High resolution files should be 300 dpi minimum. RGB images will be converted to CMYK.

Fonts – Please supply all fonts used in your artwork. If this imposes an issue, be sure to convert fonts to curves so we can work strictly on a vectored file.

Sizing – If your artwork must be scaled prior to output, this should be noted by a notation within the file or on the submitted proof.

White Back-up – Please indicate a white back-up in the artwork color pallet as a single color tint renamed as “White Back-up”. The same rule applies for Spot Matte Varnish areas.

File Transfer Methods Email or links to FTP sites like We Transfer, Hightail/opentext,



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