Flat Bottom Box Pouches

  • Maximum on-shelf stability
  • Holds more weight per footprint
  • Combine multiple film structures
  • Regular or Pocket Zippers

Printed and Laminated Packaging

  • Up to 10 Color Rotogravure Printing
  • GMI Certified
  • Registered Matte or Soft Touch
  • Solventless and Dry Laminations
  • We co-extrude our sealant layer providing you more sealing options


  • Stand up or side seals
  • Up to 50lb sizes available
  • Multiple Gusset styles
  • With or without windows
  • Regular, Velcro or Pocket Zippers

Roll Stock Film

  • Exceptional performance on your highspeed form and fill machine
  • Great for both vertical and horizontal machines
  • Clean trims and reliable seals
  • EZ-Lok zippers can be applied

Sustainable Solutions

  • PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled)
  • Recycle Ready
  • Paper pouches

Special Features

  • Laser Score
  • Micro Perforations
  • Anti-Slip coating
  • Registered Matte
  • Soft touch Coating
  • Child Resistant Zippers

Even More


  • Prop 65 compliant
  • Conforms with US and EU regulations for packaging with direct food contact
  • BPA Compliant
  • BRCGS Certified
  • Digital Printing