Dry Goods

From shelf to pantry – Yaxin’s unique pouch appeal will have your dry goods maintaining freshness and extending shelf life with improved quality both inside and out. Reseal ability features and functions prevent spills and allow consumers access to see the contents within your bags with our clear windows. When seeing is believing, we’ve got you covered.

We provide packaging expertise for dry goods including:

• protein powder
• quinoa
• flour
• gluten-free flour substitutes
• cereal
• cookies
• cake mixes
• grains
• beans 
• lentils

 Maintaining Airtight Freshness
Our protective barriers prevent oxygen and moisture from entering the contents of your bag with high barrier films. Maintaining freshness from shelf to pantry.

Resealable Closures

Yaxin’s unique variety of custom closures includes zippers that prevents spills and allow consumers to keep dry goods fresh.
Tear notches with laser scoring simplify the opening process for improved convenience while reseal ability keeps contents renewed.

Transparent windows give consumers a sneak peek inside the contents of your bag. Proving that contents are in prime condition before ever opening it. Studies show that trust is built when a customer has built-in transparency on their bags because seeing is believing.

 Trending Embellishments
Yaxin offers a very attractive assortment of high contrast, colors that POP and textures that will set you apart from competition. Have your bags match the look and feel of the contents within whether you want to show the texture of your quinoa with a glossy finish, or a soft, powdery baking mix exemplified through our popular, soft touch matte film. We offer the ability to combine different film structures for designs unlike any other.