Pet Food

Stand out amongst others with high impact graphic treatments. Increase your throughput while reducing waste. Yaxin packaging provides fully customizable bags for animal friends as big as a horse and small as a parakeet. Yaxin also manufactures packaging for accessories, treats, medicine and supplements. As animal lovers, we place a high value on protecting the contents inside as well as caring for the owner’s peace of mind.

Benefits we deliver on: extended shelf life, higher throughput and less waste.

More Room to Educate/Tell your story/Promote your brand

Unlike traditional stand-up pouches, one of our bestsellers is the flat-bottom pouch. Flat Bottom Box Pouches are designed to give you 5 sides to tell your story. With more billboard to promote your message and more room to provide information on your product, consumers are more likely to be intrigued and select your brand. This is especially important and valuable today with specialized ingredients, allergies, and special dietary needs.

Customizing your barrier results in prevention of negative effects on your food. Protect your contents from undesirable outcomes. Yaxin offers customized film structures to meet any shelf life requirements.

Our bags are designed to reduce friction with anti-skid coating. Big pouches can be too slick to build large pallets for distribution. We offer anti-slip coating for small producers to national brands. Stack with confidence.

Reduced weight means thinner, less material with the same strength and durability. Less plastic equals reduced material consumption. It’s a win-win: Increase your throughput while reducing your waste.

Yaxin’s highly customizable films and packaging can solve your problems inside the bag and out.