Coffee & Tea

Consumers have their favorite coffee spots to get it exactly how they like it.  Coffee makers come to Yaxin to get it just the way they want it. We are the double pump latte, light foam, room for cream supplier.  Get your packaging precisely how and when you want it.


Air seals and valves provide freshness and improve the quality of shelf-life for coffee and tea. Reducing waste by maintaining freshness longer. This allows your packaging to maintain its shape by allowing gases to escape keeping your product safe, protected, and maintaining freshness. We eliminate inflation and bloating for a perfectly sealed product.

Learn more about Coffee Compliance.

Flat Bottom Bags

With 5 sides to advertise, Yaxin provides the space necessary to tell the story of your brand and maintain brand integrity. Ample real estate is important for displaying what needs to be said to set your product apart and allows your bag to truly STAND OUT.

Ask us about tin ties and zipper options.

Good Bean Coffee
Merit Coffee
Three Types of Coffee
Various Bags of Coffee
Free Rein Coffee

Sustainable Solutions

Whether it’s PCR or paper pouches, at Yaxin, we believe in providing a green solution to support the circular economy. As we partner with you in reducing your carbon footprint, we create a stylish bag and an impactful result. Backed by How2Recycle and as members of SPC and GRCGS, we support the research, growth and development of Sustainable Solutions.

Yaxin Digital

We grow with you. Yaxin Digital allows your coffee and/or tea brand(s) to grow. We start with you and meet you wherever you are. No MOQs gives you the opportunity to develop your bags taking you from One to A Million. With Serviced in America, Made in China, we provide Speed to Market. Come Digital with us!

Something Special

Our unique finishes give you the customization and quality to make a powerful first impression. Marketing studies have shown that a tactile finish offers the highest perceived value once it is in a consumer’s hands. We offer everything from soft touch matte to glossy and our newest coating, Desert Sand.

Coffee Filters
Stumptown Coffee Roasters