Yaxin Compliance is Validating Value.

At Yaxin, we offer the highest level of quality in our flexible packaging. Our commitment to food safety is certified by BRCGS, IS0 9001, GMI and GRS export food packaging certifications. We meet the US and EU regulatory requirements for direct food contact.

Multiple international standards for Food Safety, Print Quality and Product Reliability

Our product safety testing provides you peace of mind. Every packaging solution is proven safe for direct food contact as validated by our BRCGS certification. We provide certificates of analysis with every shipment so your high standards are met. We protect your brand and design integrity through adherence to the strict color control standards as set for through our GMI certification. 

Seal Strength.

Packaging integrity is tested for strength and durability with our expert equipment, thorough processes and high standards.


Our spectrophotometers measure the exact amount of light passing through compounds, providing an exact color match. 

Puncture Resistance.

We test the maximum force and energy required to penetrate a material. Guaranteeing stability. 

Gas Chromatography.

Analytical testing with our gas chromatography equipment provides controlled residual solvency.  

We test the functionality of each product for seal strength, air leakage and puncture resistance giving your package the durability required for extended shelf life.